Client Accomplishments and Testimonials

Take a look at what some of my clients have done and said.

Let me give you an example of someone for whom coaching opened up a whole world of possibilities and fulfillment.  This client was a middle-aged elementary teacher working in an international school in the Cayman Islands.  She was also a very good artist and incorporated her artistic abilities into her teaching units.  She had worked her way into a position that was half regular teaching and half art instruction with the goal of ultimately securing a full-time art position. 
While in coaching she not only completed the steps necessary to do that, but also decided that she needed to pursue some other goals outside of her career in order to become healthier and more fulfilled.  This client is now the full-time elementary art instructor at the international school.  She also started using her free time to paint again and has completed several major works.  She incorporated exercise into her daily routine and committed to a healthier diet, resulting in a 40 lb. weight loss and renewed energy to enjoy scuba diving and other outdoor activities.   She is now full of ideas of what she would like to do as an artist when she retires from full-time teaching in the next five years or so. 
Here is what she said about the value of coaching:
"As you well know, I DEFINITELY can relate to boredom-- what I refer to as restlessness-- in my life, and the desire to continue to change and grow. I often think about how LONG it took me to make any decisions when I was younger, and how so many of us grew up hearing the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" As if there is only one opportunity for choice, or at least interpreting it that way. I think that the paradigm shift of asking questions like, "What is my passion? What am I good at?" coupled with reasonable & planned risk-taking has helped me to grow into who I currently am. 
But beginning to understand that life is a SERIES of choices-- both those we've made to become who we currently are AND those that we continue to mull in order to become the 'future' persons we wish to be-- can be both freeing and overwhelming. That's where, I suppose, being grounded in the present becomes critical. 
So for me, the larger questions that coaching brings is particularly meaningful. I'm continually reflecting on these types of questions... obviously better at asking in some parts of my life than others. Everyone would benefit from working w/ you or someone like you for this reason... I think it's the gentle nudging and being asked the questions that I may not think to- or try to avoid- asking myself, that has helped me so much to clarify and to continue to set new goals."  ~AEC, Art Instructor, Cayman Islands 
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Additional Testimonials

"I love working with Patti as my Life Coach. She is a long-time friend, so transitioning to the role of client was made easy by knowing her character and professionalism. The resources she utilizes are always so enlightening and helpful.  She assists me in my decision-making processes in such a way that I feel confident and assured about my choices.  She has given me such positive affirmation as I walk out my successful journey.  I so appreciate her gifting.” ~ BLM, Care Provider & Entrepreneur, Central Coast, CA
"Patti is an excellent coach.  She took the time to listen to me and guide me through the changes I wanted to make.  She was always recommending books and articles to help me gain a deeper understanding of the habits I was trying to form and the behaviors I wanted to modify.  She didn't provide me with "answers;" she asked me critical questions which made me consider the choices I had made, and the choices I could make.  She knew when to challenge me and when I just needed someone to listen.  Each session built on the successes of the previous week and provided me with building blocks and exercises to help me make better choices and ultimately improve my personal health, relationships and outlook." ~ KLM, Non-Profit Director of Development, Seattle, WA
"Working with Patti as my Life Coach has been a wonderful and productive experience. Like most people, I have been fairly successful at setting goals and reaching them, but over the last few years, a combination of personal responsibilities and work left little time for reflection and work on myself. I knew I wanted to make some changes, but I was struggling to formulate a plan. I turned to Patti to explore my thoughts and set new goals. She is so easy to talk to! I never felt judged or pressured. Rather, I felt that her questions prompted me to think more clearly and mindfully about what directions I wanted for my life. The great thing about working with Patti is that I began to see my progress as a process. I know that there will be times when I struggle, but I don’t beat myself up as much as I used to. I have confidence that I will use the tools she helped me to develop to continue to move in the direction I want to go. I feel more positive and grounded with the time invested in our conversations, and I would certainly recommend her to anyone!"  ~ AEC, Art Instructor, Cayman Islands 

Some Additional Client Accomplishments
(*some names changed for privacy)

Christine P., Ann Arbor, MI

Brad*, Central Coast, CA

BLM, Central Coast, CA

A poet and busy administrative leader and participant in a large, multi-state order of nuns, she began the process of realizing her lifelong dream of publishing a short book of poetry.
Increased his commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle, resulting in a steady routine of going to the gym three times weekly and being more mindful of his diet.  Increased his awareness of modeling that healthy diet and lifestyle for his adult children.
Came to the realization that the best way to help her adult children become healthy and independent was to model the behavior she wanted to see in them and support their steps toward independence.  Increased her commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle, resulting in changes in her diet, continuing weight loss, development of a firm weekly routine at the gym, decreased joint pain and increased energy.  Currently working on a complete DIY home interior remodel. 

Sarah*, Central Coast, CA

KLM, Seattle, WA

Increased ability to communicate with teenage son by learning about the coach approach to conversational exploration. Also addressed her concerns about his mental health by learning about cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness; applying the principles of both in her interactions with her son.  Examined other areas of her life that had been affected by parenting a child with disabilities and took steps to get away with her husband more often by enlisting the help of their other children.
Well on her way to a healthier lifestyle when she began coaching, she lost over 40 lbs., incorporated mindfulness and other practices into her daily routine, reduced her blood pressure medication, planned fun outings with her husband as rewards for meeting her short-term goals along the way, and began to look for ways to incorporate exercise into her busy schedule.

Claire C., Riverside, CA

Explored competing career interests. 
Decided which to pursue and began the process of applying to graduate school in that field.  She then completed a dual certification/Master's program and is now teaching full time at the school of her choice.